While searching for a new home, a person is in a dilemma as to where to head to, which location to go for, whicchiefessays.net theessayclub.comh builder would give him the best and so on. Always check the following points before taking a decision.

While purchasing a home


1.Choose the location, which would fulfill your basic social needs.
2.Check whether the area has the basic infrastructure. Ensure that the area is self sufficient as regards to daily needs.
3.Ensure that the location has a proper approach road and accessibility.

Reputation and Credibility

1.Study the reputation, experience and credibility of the Promoter Builder.
2.Choose from a builder who’s got a past history and been there for a long period of time in this field.
3.Buy only from member of P.B.A.P. (Promoters and Builders Association of Pune), now CREDAI.
4.Since the quality of construction cannot be checked visually, ask the builder about the suppliers and brands used.
5.Update yourself with the builder’s past projects.
6.See the availability of infrastructure and project development on site.

Clear Titles and Home Plans

1.Check the documentations and legalities of the project.
2.Check the approvals and sanctions of the projects.

Optimum Usage

1.While looking at the plans, make sure that the optimum use of space is made with minimum wastage of area. Check the plan for the interior layout.
2.Check the carpet to saleable ratio.

Secure Loan

1.Check for own finance available and ensure home loan availability.
2.If the project has been approved by reputed housing finance companies, getting a home loan will be easier and faster.

Secure Loan

Also find out about the Builder’s after sales service.