To be eligible for a home loan the applicant must be about 21 years of age with a smooth income from either service or self employment. The loan must be repaid within 65 years of age. The amount of loan depends on the factors such as the type of job, stability of service, monthly salary, number of dependents on the family, other liabilities, etc.


Once the purchaser or the buyer finds the perfect asset of his or her choice, then in order to fix the deal he or she should undergo a legal binding in the form of a contract. This agreement will allow the buyer a time to arrange funds and also a guarantee of the fact that the concerned asset of his or her choice is under his or her possession.


The stamp duty and the other taxations will be applicable according to the tax rate prevailing in the concerned State.


Any disputes relating to land or possession will be insurable according to the Court of Law of the State in which the Company is established or as it is mentioned in the piece of the concerned agreement between both the parties. It is also advisable for the purchaser to make a clear query and understanding of all the facts that are relevant in the cases of clearance from the different legal authorities in the cases of the concerned construction.